1. May I apply for a grant if my organization is being funded by the city?

Yes, you may, but only if your organization is the entitled applicant (page 2-3 Terms of call). Public-legal subjects are excluded. We prefer organizations that are not funded 100% or in high proportion from the state budget.

2. May I apply for a grant for the refurbishment of premises I do not own?

Yes, you may apply for funding of the refurbishment of premises you do not own. However, in this case we will request from you the copy of your lease agreement, which should be long-term, at least for 10 years. It is not possible to fund the refurbishment of the premises in private ownership, but for example, in the ownership of the city, yes.

3. Is it possible to fund wages out of the grant?

Each project may draw from the grant maximum of 50 per cent on wages of the realization team of the project, if it is an implementation of a new project. The other terms are specified in detail in the terms of the call on page 4.

4. What does the term civic awareness mean?

Civic awareness is a positive act (of good) in favour of public / community, involvement in something beyond ourselves, positive contribution for the benefit of others. E.g. volunteer projects to help the community (seniors, socially needy, cleaning the environment), fundraising activities for the community – charity (clothes collection, regular charitable activities), active participation in the campaign for a cleaner city, tutoring, food preparation for the needy, interest in public affairs (meeting with the Mayor and discussions in favour of the community), … The Foundation supports long-term projects, not one-off activities, with the active involvement of the target group.

5. Is it necessary to find the project patron before its realization?

No, the project patron will be assigned by the Foundation after selecting and supporting the project. The patron will be one of the employees of the establishing companies.

6. What is the patron’s task?

The patron’s task is to voluntarily help organizations at the project realization. It is upon agreement between the patron and organization, what kind of help it will be. In the past patrons were participating on spring brigades, helped with translations and creating webpages or provided technical support.

7. Can we present various projects for 1 organization?

Yes. The approved grant can be max. for one of your projects.

8. Can we repeatedly apply for a grant?

Yes. Nevertheless, we prefer organizations that so far were not supported by Foundation Via Pribina.

9. Can we apply for a grant, if we have not settled the accounts of the grant and our project will be realized until October 2016?

No you cannot. Your project should be settled until the date of the projects approval at the latest, that is in September 2016.

10. Can our organization be the grant applicant, if the implementor of the project activities is another subject?

No, your organization cannot be the mediator for other subcontractors.

11. What enclosures is necessary to attach to the online application and till when?

The list of the obligatory enclosures is determined in the online system at the end of the form to fill in the application (e.g. annual report, statement of finances…). The copies of the enclosures are to be sent by post to the address of the Foundation until the term of closure. The stamp of the post office is decisive. We recommend for any uncertainties and specific cases to be consulted individually.

12. Based on what criteria do you evaluate the projects?

We evaluate them based on various criteria. They must fulfil the terms of the grant call (e.g. area of support, legal form of the applicant, entitled budget items), criteria of the selection (page 5-6 from the terms of the call). Important criteria is also the active integration of the target group, innovativeness, clearly signed activities, real impact and contribution for the target group and effectiveness of the budget adequately to the planned activities and results.